Overview of my teaching activities as a teaching assistant and lecturer. In addition, I supervise students' theses and programming projects.

Introduction to algorithms

Description This introductory lecture teaches basic algorithms and data structures, including runtime analysis. The class covers sorting and graph algorithms, as well as fundamental data structures such as heaps and trees. Pracitcally relevant algorithms, such as the PageRank algorithm, are also covered to link theory with practice.
Type undergraduate lecture
Role lead teaching assistant
Time SoSe 2023 (more than 250 students), SoSe 2024

Privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies

Description This lecture deals with privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies like Monero and ZCash. Besides how they work and differ from Bitcoin, the lecture covers attacks on the anonymity of these currencies, their implementation and evaluation.
Type advanced lecture
Role teaching assistant for programming projects
Time SoSe 2020 (10 students)

Privacy and legal aspects of immutable blockchains

Description This advanced seminar probes the multifaceted nature of blockchains, in particular at the interface between IT security and law. Blockchains allow the embedding of illicit content, such as child abuse material, which — due to their immutability — causes legal issues. The seminar discusses the technical possibilities for embedding and, in cooperation with legal science, also the legal consequences of undesirable content. Through this interplay of computer science and law, the learning objective is to be able to evaluate approaches to removing illegal content from a technical and legal perspective.
Type advanced seminar
Role lecturer
Time WiSe 2021/2022 (4 students), WiSe 2023/2024